Extended social System

2018, Self designed fabric, canvas, acrylic paint, wire, artificial hair, accessories, spray paint, office chair, car paint, paper, branches, moss, stones, embedded tablet with video 5.42 min, neon light system, ~400 x 400 x 300 cm

All entities, living and unliving, are social beings. Unliving entities like stones, loose branches and leaves are not able to produce their own consciousness, but store information and therefore resonate to the all.

Nature as a whole is a social system. If a species looses the ability of sensing the OTHER in a subtle way, a tendency of USE can be recognized. The use of the other species or members of the same species to serve a need of a small entity group damages harmony. A structure is created that undermine diplomatic skills of each part. 

Display at Tsukuba Art Centre, Japan

photos by Lee, Kuei-Chih and Sandor Zelenak; video by Lee, Kuei-Chih