Mind trigger

As part of my artistic search for the faculties of the mind / power of thought, I'm sewing miniature objects that manifest this artistic exploration.
The work on the abstract field of the MIND 2017 started as part of the solo exhibition "Heaven is Mindset".

Research here does not want to be a scientific discipline, but rather a deep knowledge of color, form, space and the creation of new contexts.
The miniature objects stand for themselves and playfully connect with the viewer.

One day all objects will be united and exhibited together. The project is ongoing.


Mind your thought

2018, mixed media, 30 x 14 cm 

private collection in Dresden, Germany
Falko N.

2019, mixed media stitched, 28 x 12 cm

private collection Zurich, Switzerland 
Ildegarda S.

Global Love Boost

2019, mixed media, ~33 x 17 cm 

private collection in Jakarta, Indonesia
Natasha S.


Identify inner and outer programs
2019, mixed media stitched, 30 x 25 cm

private collection Jakarta, Indonesia
Lina K.

Dance it off

2019, mixed media stitched on artificial leather, 23 x 16 cm 

private collection in Zurich, Switzerland
Ildegarda S.

We meet in my.your state of mind

2019, mixed media, ~30 x 30 cm

private collection in Dresden, Germany
Adina R. 

Mind State Resonance 

2019, mixed media, 27 x 26 cm

private collection in Dresden, Germany
Andrea W.

Out of fear
2019, mixed media stitched, 30 x 25 cm

private collection Zurich, Switzerland
Ildegarda S.