Tired of the me - or - Act of diplomacy
2017, second hand clothes, canvas, led halogen bulbs, cable, wire, computer embroidered patches,
resin, filling material, stainless steel mirrors, photo by Carlos Sebastiá

Shown in the context of Fresh Winds International Art Biennale, Garður, Iceland, 2017/18



The Me - the individual - the self branded being running for personal success, recognition and power - is tired.A capitalistic design of life is driving people to the edge of their limit to reach the preached fortune. The self conditioned individual, performance-oriented and highly motivated is an ideal pretending the great success. But an individual or single group-oriented success model gives way to structural violence. Positive peace through „creation of social justice and equality as well as of political and personal freedom for individuals and social groups, including their participation and development”(Johan Galtung), can lead to a healthy and sustainable society.  

Visitors are invited to attach one transparent business card holder to their clothes and select one of three cards located in the shirt object's breast pockets:

unity in diversity

Those expressions are worn during the walk through the exhibition. Business cards are mainly used to communicate positions. Here they serve to present significant expressions for social health.